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Spent hundreds of dollars...please make it easy to spend more

I have spent quite a bit of money on preimum images, most notably from Doodle Arts.

However, everytime I want to add a new image, they all must load from scratch.

I have a pretty good internet connection, but every single time it must download all new images and most times it doesn't load them at all.

Even if I let my computer download images for 10-20 minutes, the images window looks something like this.


They literally just don't load.

I'm trying to find images to all be in the same style, but they just don't load at all.

Is there any other way to speed this up or actually make the pictures show. I can wait 10 minutes, but it's pointless if they don't load at all.

Any advice appreciated. 

I'll assume that your screenshot is showing your "recently used images" folder.

24 pages of images will always take a long time to load... especially if some of those images are larger file sizes than the usual library images.

(I don't know how many images can be contained in "recently used images" but I assume at some point, the oldest ones get automatically deleted and lost unless you have saved them somewhere) What you probably want to do is save all of your purchased images somewhere and then clear the recently used images.

ok this is kind of a long explanation but I hope it makes sense:
Save ALLLL the images you purchased to a folder on your hard drive (you should do that anyway otherwise you will lose them when they get cleared from your recently used images).

then group them into categories and make each category a zip file containing about 42 images or fewer. when you open a zip file from the image import menu the images will display just as they do for recently used images.

once you are sure all your images are saved and zipped and working properly, you can clear the recently used images folder. (when it is cleared, your library folders will load, but once you have at least 1 new "recently used image" you should see that screen load much much faster.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike,

I appreciate the fast reply. 

However, this is not my recently used images folder.

For example, I searched for "Wow", clicked on an image with the word WOW in big, and then clicked on the creator which is Doogle Ads.

The screenshot is me trying to see all of their images they have for sale.

It literally takes 20 minutes to see most of them and even then, the rest still don't load. 

There are some obvious improvements needed the area of searching for and displaying images in the VideoScribe image library. Doodle Ads have over 3000 images for sale in VideoScribe and the user interface was not designed with that in mind. I will log this as a task for us to look into how we can improve this, any ideas will be welcome.

Can you let me download them from a website somewhere and then I can import them into VideoScribe one by one...

These images are only available through In-App purchase and are not available to buy on any of our websites. You may find it quicker to do a key word search and then clicking to the last tad of that search to see if there are any Doodle Ads images under that keyword rather than trying to load all 3000+ Doddle Ads images in one search and scrolling through the lot. Premium images will always show on the final tabs of a search as we always display the free ones first.

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