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Zoom is uncontrollable

I've been having a zoom problem for some time. When I select an element and click the + sign, it will zoom up immediately to like 1083%. When I click the - the zoom will go down immediately tosomething like 204%.   Sometimes if I tap ever so briefly, this problem may become slightly less severe, but still not workable. I have to input an actual percentage to get the zoom I want

Do you get the same zoom control sensitivity when you use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out instead of using the plus and minus icons?

I've tested this myself and for me, the camera moves by about 8% with each click with a starting zoom level of 100%. Could it have something to do with the sensitivity settings of your mouse?

I have no mouse wheel on my Mac mouse. But I discovered that my zoom wheel on my graphic tablet works well, as well as command+ on my Mac. So that solves the problem for me. Thanks!

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