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my accout


when i open my accout in another computer i didnt found my work which i save or my picture which i use befor

what i must do 

i need to work some time in my home and some time in my office

please answer

There are 3 ways to save a project file:

1) if you save a project on one computer, you can only open it by using videoscribe on the same computer

2) if you save a project to your cloud folder,  (it is saved online) you can open it using videoscribe on another computer

3) if you save a project as a .scribe file you can email it or transfer it to another computer on a USB drive or a cd and import it into videoscribe on the other computer.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Can I Chang any thing in my videoscribe after I safe in usb
Yes, if you save a .scribe file to a USB drive and then plug the USB drive into another computer and then import the .scribe file into videoscribe on another computer you can still edit it and change things

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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