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Hand exiting screen

I'm using a hand to 'push' on an image, but the when the move is complete, the hand simply disappears from the screen, rather ruining the effect. 

Is there a way of programming the hand to depart the screen after it has completed the 'push on' move without this abrupt jump cut?



but the faster you do the move-in, the more natural the disappearance seems.

Even in traditional whiteboard videos (usually timelapse) the hand often disappears between drawings or move ins

you can choose the "no hand" image from the hand menu for that element if you would prefer not to see a hand move-in the element.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you, Mike. 

I'm trying to address the move-in hand exit issue as well, is there still no option for this?

I get the idea of a time lapse, but with the ability to time and move the image into the frame as slowly as we want, there really isn't any way to make the hand move away at a set pace instead of suddenly vanishing?  

In my case, I have the hand moving the image on to the screen with an animation time of about 1.5 seconds, so it's super bizarre for it to move in smooth and easy and then straight up disappear, and just making a statement about 'time-lapse' doesn't apply, otherwise it would have gone in the same way it goes out...ya know?

Any way to fix this or get the effect I'm asking for?  



It's not currently possible to get the hand to move off the canvas after moving in. I know that some people have used After Effects or similar software to create the effect. I think they exported a PNG sequence of the hand moving an invisible object onto the canvas, reversed the sequence and combined it with a scribe video after exporting their scribe as a video file.

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