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Not in tune with audio + slides missing.

Trying to keep things short.

I am making a VSL using VideoScribe.

It is around 45 minutes and when I finally converted it, the audio was, not at all, in sync with the slides. Some VideoScribe slides even just did not show up (also just plain text which is quite simple I guessed).

Trying to solve this I cut the audio in parts of 5 minutes (which I am not able to save for some strange reason, I searched the topics of removing the audio and then save it but none of it helps). This means I manually erase slides from the 45 minute file up to 5 minutes just to convert, which takes 1 hour each time.

When using these parts of 5 minutes each I just got the same problems in which slides are not in sinks with audio, I mean, what? I was besides totally surprised also extremely frustrated by this program.

Thus, my question is, what could be possible be wrong when I am trying to sync the audio with 5 minutes parts which are:

- not that long.

- not that big (max. 100mb)

- zoomed to 1/10 seconds

Different texts that I want to let appear on 1 slides at different moments also just appear all at once or not at all.

Some good advice would be welcome. There must be a solution because otherwise this program would be one hell of a scam.

P.s.: I've got a macBook pro and a tremendously good internet connection thus that is not the problem.

That sounds like a known bug in versions 2.3.x when you use an animation time of zero seconds.

related links with workaround:
error with creating video: problems with timing or placement of elements in rendered video
Video not publishing (rendering) as it appears in preview

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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