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videoscribe often freeze for 2-3 seconds

whenever I try to load images or voices. 

I am using Mac mini (4 GB ram). 

I am not sure if a better computer could make the operating of the software smoother


videoscribe only uses up to 1.7 GB of RAM so 4 GB should be plenty unless most of that 4GB is already in use by the OS or the video card or other programs...
or maybe your image files are too big
or maybe there are other things wrong with your scribe project
or maybe some other program like a messaging app or virus software or software updates are using up a lot of the processing power...

or something else....

try closing everything you are not using, close and re-open videoscribe, and then make a new project with nothing but images from the videoscribe library and music from the videoscribe library and see if that works better.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Intermittent lagging could be due to the VideoScribe autosave feature kicking in. The autosave will take longer to process, the longer the scribe and can cause the application to freeze temporarily. If you increase the delay of the autosave this will happen less often. You could also turn off the autosave but you must make sure that you regularly save the scribe manually . You can change the autosave frequency by clicking on the cog icon  on the projects screen.

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