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export (save) online

it's very hopeful to find the chance to communicate with the sparkol community.

here is what i wanted to ask for help: shortly, i can't export (save) online the scribe project I've been working on. i tried to save locally on my PC (windows), send it to a flash drive so that my boss can suggest comments. but the file doesn't open even though his PC has videoscribe and mine are of the same version.

please, i would appreciate to hear suggestions and I'll look forward to it


p.s i have attached a screen shot of the dialogue box that appears whenever i tried to export my scribe file.  i would like to mention that we have 7Mbs bandwidth in the office 

I'd recommend that you raise a support ticket to contact customer support:

you could also try deleting the soundtrack and then saving;
related link:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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