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can't upload video

It's really stressfull to have attemped to upload my creation to youtube, and, after 24 hrs its says "for some reason we can't upload....check internet conection...."  -.- it is not fair guys i already read the comments and check my youtube account, the status and the like. they are ok :(

"how to teach writing final version" is my creation made on my partner's account: 

pls help meee

save and close your project.

1) as a test, make a simple project with just one image from the library and try to publish it to youtube. If that works, then your youtube channel is ok. if that doesn't work, post your results here.

2) if you have a pro subscription, render your project video to your computer first then upload it to youtube through your web browser. MOV will make a smaller file size and upload faster than WMV probably.

3) customer support works monday through friday during UK business hours.
raise a ticket to contact them directly.

Good luck,
Mike (videoscribe user)


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