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I can't save, I click the save button, but nothing happens.

Hi there,

I'm having trouble with the save button, I click on the save icon and nothing happens. The only buttons that work are the "continue without save option" and the (X) close button, the tick for save button does absolutely nothing. What did I do wrong? Please help, this is frustrating.

This problem started when I was trying to export my project to my desktop, I then imported it back to videoscribe to make a few changes and now the save option doesn't work, what caused this to happen?


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can you take a screenshot of the save menu and attach it?

do you have a file name typed in before trying to save?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


This issue can sometimes be caused when there is a problem with the soundtrack on the scribe. If you remove the soundtrack you should be able to save the scribe. Once you have saved it, try adding the soundtrack again and the scribe should save normally.

I can't save my created Scribe

Hi Henri,

What happens when you try to save your scribe? Do you see any messages and if so, what do they say? Have you tried removing the soundtrack (if you have one) before saving? Sometimes (strangely) if you are having trouble saving and don't have a soundtrack, adding one will allow you to save!

In addition to Matthew's answer,

If you are trying to save it as a .scribe file, first save it locally.
Save all of your current work with the current filename to the default folder before you try to save a copy as a .scribe file.

I believe that if you make changes or change the file name and then try to save a .scribe file without saving locally first, it won't work.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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