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Drawing a person on a segway

I don't know how to get an image of segway drawn
Wherever you go to hire someone to make an SVG, you may want to clearly state that you want someone with videoscribe experience, because SVGs need to be prepared a certain way for the best results.

1) You could try ANIMOLE (link at bottom of this page) to see if anyone there offers individual images.
2) You MIGHT find (Google search for example) some free- to-use images online somewhere but be aware of licensing rules.
3) You could try the various freelancing sites like or social art sites like (you'll get a lot of unqualified applicants on deviantart but you might get lucky and find someone who can do it).
4) there might be an adobe illustrator forum or an inkscape forum where you could post an ad.
5) Or you could draw one yourself using inkscape (use version 0.48, free at but again, SVGs need to be made and saved a certain  way to work well in videoscribe.

related link: Making SVG Images Draw Well (2015 update)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you Mike. I will check these alternatives out and see what comes of it. I am trying to use videoscribe to create some fb ads for my business Segway Geelong.

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