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music disapears

Hi when i play added music in the preview section its starts. But ones i saved it, it starts without music. And when i make a movie its playes silent as well. The track is still selected but it won't play. 

What can i do?

I have the same problem


If you wouldn't mind saving the project to your hard drive as a .scribe file and attaching it here, someone might be able to examine it for clues.

also you could try closing your scribe, then closing and re-opening videoscribe to see if that helps

also you could save and close your scribe then make a new empty scribe with just a couple of library images and add the same music track and see if it works in the new scribe. If that works, then at least we might be able to assume that the problem is associated with one particular project file.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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