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Using Movie Maker to add music to video w/audio causing problems

It seems when I am adding music to my videoscribe w/audio within Movie Maker, it distorts the syncing of the audio within the original video. Does that make sense? The video seems to be running slower and has a 4 second delay from the audio which is not the case in the original video produced within Videoscribe.

Any ideas what's going wrong?

Maybe you changed the frame rate. Videoscribe exports video with a frame rate of 25 fps.

This seems like a question for the movie maker help forum, but you could provide links to the videoscribe video and the movie make video on dropbox or somewhere if you want someone to look at them.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for responding. I did a little more online investigating and it appears that when adding music to video w/audio using external software, it's best to save as a mp3. Movie Maker only offered the mp4 format, but it did the trick. Everything is synced and no pixilation either. :-)

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