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Fonts issues

These issues go back a very long ways. Why has the import of fonts never been fixed? Letters are not the same sizes are that others - italic and script fonts are cut off.

Almost every font I loaded, including Arial and Calibi, had problems. How much more basic can you get than that? Doesn't portend well to seeing any future updates, let alone major bugs being fixed.

It appears as if VS is reading the X-height and/or the Cap Height of the font and scaling all the letters to fill within that space. However most font designers with make some of the lowercase letters slightly taller than the X-height and even the cap height (i.e. lowercase L in Calibri). Most script fonts has characters which hang considerably over the bearing edge. It's not so much kerning which is the issue but that VS cuts off characters at the bearing edges. It needs to simple pulling the entire glyph, but I'm assuming it internal font structure does not support this - which is why we see the errors in fonts we do.

No response? 

Thanks for your insights into this issue, I will relay this to our development team.

Dear Matthew, I came across this Post because I am suffering a similar problem with a font I bought. This font seems to be working well. When I used a capital "T" with this font in Videoscribe this letter seems to be cut in half. In Word there is no problem.

My question is: has the development team solved this problem?

This issue still has not been resolved.

It's a major issue. I've even noticed in some your demo videos you "fake" more complex text but using a graphic and not a font.

I am not technical so I just understand "It doesn't work properly". When I deliver a whiteboard animation to my client I do not want any remarks that the text is showing wrong. Like I paid for the use of Videoscribe as well as specific fonts, my clients pay me for making a product. They are entitled to a quality product. So let me rephrase my Question: "When will this issue be solved?"

BTW I love your product, but as a pro I have to be able to build on it. 

I agree with David and Gerard. I have seen this problem too and I think it´s a major issue. Would be glad if it could be solved as soon as possible because I really like your product and want to continue using it. 

Has something happend on this issue the last month?

Still a major issue - I've offered my "font" help, but have not gotten a response other then that they know it's a problem.

Hi David,

We do have this issue logged and your help so far has sparked a new conversation about this issue within the development team here at Sparkol. They have enough information about the issues to tackle this and it looks as though it will be a large task to undertake so changes to the way fonts are displayed may not all come at once.

We will keep you updated.

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