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Transition from 1 slide to another

Hi Everyone. Newbie here. How do I make the previous slides go away before making the newer slides on screen stay?

Currently, the text from my 2nd slide or white board is writing over the previous one.

Guess I need to figure out how to transition to new slides / white boards per say.

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First lets discussing moving elements versus moving the canvas/camera position:
A) to move an element, click the element to select it and you will see a bounding box appear around it.
B) alternately, you can click the thumbnail image for the element in the timeline at the bottom of the screen to select the element
C) Click within the bounding box of the element and drag the element to move it
D) alternately you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move it
E) to "move the camera" (you could also consider this to be "moving the entire canvas and everything on it") click and drag on any part of the canvas that is not covered by any element or the bounding box of any element
F) alternately you can click the arrow keys (NOT on the keyboard) in the lower left corner of the canvas to move the camera/canvas
G) you can also zoom in and out using the plus and minus icons in the lower right corner of the canvas. However using them will cause the camera focus to move to the currently selected element if there is one selected.

Next, lets discuss one simple way to organize the process of making a scribe project:

1) start a new scribe
2) add a new element (image or text)
3) with the new element still selected, click the "set camera" to make videoscribe remember what part of the canvas the camera will view while that element is being drawn. (otherwise videoscribe will assign a default camera setting that you may not like)
4) reposition or scale or rotate the element if desired
5) if you want to add more elements before moving the camera, repeat steps 2-5
6) when you are ready, click and drag the canvas (or use the arrow icons on the screen) to move to an empty part of your canvas.
7) repeat steps 2-6 until you are finished

additional notes:
- at any time, you can move the canvas, select and element and click "set camera" if you want to update the camera position.

- clicking an unselected element will select it. clicking an element that is already selected will cause the camera to move to the currently saved camera position for that element

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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