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Update Installation


I am currently running an older version of Videoscribe and I want to install an update. When I select installation folder I always get this message no matter whar folder I choose - The specified installation path already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?

Does this message mean that all my scribes that are stored on my computer in older version will disappear after I install a new version? What should I do in this situation in order not to lose scribes after update?


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The installation location and the location that your scribe data are saved is separate so none of your scribes will be affected when upgrading. 'The specified installation path already exists' is referring to the location that the VideoScribe application is installed, not the location that your VideoScribe data held. 

It is safe to select Yes when you see the prompt 'The specified installation path already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?'. 

Hi - I just want to make sure I understand correctly: I'd like to update my software to a newer version (I'm currently on 2. something) but I have existing projects. Do I just have to download the latest version and it will automatically update? I couldn't find this directly in Videoscribe itself (to check for updates like with many other programs). 

Hi, yes, you just need to download the installer file for the latest version and install it. You will be overwriting the previous version of the application but this will not affect any of your saved work. You can download the latest version by clicking the 'download' button on your account page.

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