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Missing work


Yesterday I spent 3 hours on my scribe, I remember saving it. But today when i opened it there was no work from yesterday. I am devastated. The pictures i used are in the recently used pic section but the work isnt. 


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Assuming you allowed it to finish saving successfully before closing videoscribe, you probably used one of four methods:

1) locally (the default save option). if you used this method then I believe the scribe can only be found by using videoscribe with the same user account on the same computer. After you login to videoscribe you will see locally saved scribes. use the sorting option to view most recently saved scribes listed first.

2) online (to the cloud folder). You can see, open and edit scribes saved to the cloud folder from any computer with videoscribe installed if you are logged in, online, with the same user account.

3) save it as a standalone .scribe file in a location of your choice. If you did this, then the scribe is located wherever you saved it and you have to find it using the IMPORT option in the lower right corner in videoscribe

4) export or publish as a video. Exported and published videos cannot be opened or edited in videoscribe.

If you closed videoscribe before the scribe finished saving, it might have been lost.

If you closed videoscribe without saving and closing your scribe, you will be prompted to recover your work the next time you login. If you do not restore the scribe when prompted. I think the backup file is erased.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



I really appreciate your reply 

hy, please I errase work for mistake in videoScribr T_T can I recover file from the base folder?, some  temp that keps the erraiser files 

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