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scribe not saved on hard-drive

Hi Team,

First of all I want to congratulate you lot for inventing such a great and simple animation software (I am loving it). but i had a small problem (or probably i am being dumb). After i complete my scribe I am not able to save it on my hard-drive such as desktop, I mean it does save but won't play so I have to first publish the video on you tube and then download it from there and then remove it from you tube and make changes in the downloaded one and then put it on you tube again which is making the whole process cumbersome.

do you guys know why that might be?

If you are using a free trial, you cannot save videos directly to your hard drive, or render higher resolution video. Paying subscribers can save MOV, WMV and AVI videos locally.

if you are saving a ".scribe" file, it is not a video, it is a project file that is only intended to be opened within the videoscribe program.

The INSTANT ANSWERS page on this website contains a lot of additional information that may help.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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