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Not publishing

I published my scribe to, but it is still saying "publishing" on my computer, for the past half hour. Could someon please help me fix this and get it published. I need to let people see it. is a method of publishing your videos online without having the render them on your own machine. I imagine that the "publishing" status you're seeing means that the video is still being exported and uploaded to for your use. I recommend taking export times into account when creating a scribe to be shown to an audience to help eliminate issues such as this, especially as other bugs can happen during export so you can double check for any problems.

I'm having trouble as well; the video seems to be uploaded into my YouTube account, and "rendered" in, however it's not rendering when I import it into my Articulate 360 file.

Can you advise?

Thank you!



1) by "seems to be uploaded" do you mean it definitely published successfully to youtube and you can view the video on youtube? or do you mean something else?
2) same question for
3) are you using and youtube links in your articulate360 presentation or are you importing a video file?
4) if video, what is the exact file name that you are you importing into articulate360?
5) are you getting an error message? be more specific please.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I resolved this issue. Thank you!


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