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Multi User True Collaboration

I am looking for a simple way to collaborate on a single project. 

We have a team who will be contributing, we will be building our own images, creating stories, and videos. Which means that right now,  the only way to do this is for 1 person to import images, save, export, email. Then the story builder is going to import, save, export and putting it back to a shared space. This will be repeated dozens of times. And then yet another person, will be coming and handling spacing, and timing. 

In our short time using the product, this has been a frustrating process. (The product itself is phenomenal) 

What I would like to see: Have an enterprise level/group level account, A Cloud storage (just like in the personal account), that everyone associated with that company license could see and access. 

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Has this been addressed yet?

This has been logged as a feature request with our development team but no work is currently being done on this. We will update here if this changes.

Four years later, has this been addressed yet? 

We, too, are looking for a team collaboration solution, and the ability to collaborate on a single project, share the asset library and the scribes we'd create is crucial.

We made some updates to save in v3.7. Projects are no longer hidden away in Application Data by default and you have a lot more control on where there saved in less clicks. That includes making it easier to save projects to shared drives whether that be physical network drives or cloud storage that's linked into File Explorer / Finder (like Google Drive via Drive File Stream utility for example). 

If you don't have a shared area with your video team it's easy to set-up with so many of the cloud storage options or you can save and send by other methods -

We're not working on a shared cloud storage area built into VideoScribe at the moment. As always, we count the likes the original post gets as votes for this request.

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