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What Emojis would you like to see in VideoScribe?

Hello everybody, Joe here from Sparkol.

You may notice that you will have a new image folder called 'Emojis'.

These are the brand new images that we are introducing to VideoScribe.

To begin with we have 31 different images with 2 different styles meaning there are 62 new images for you to choose.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the images and the styles used. If you have any suggestions on what other Emojis would you like to see, please leave a comment, we would love to hear from you.

We have a blog post with a bit more detail and a short demo so you can preview some of the images.

Best wishes from me and the rest of the Sparkol team!

At first glance, they're great!

I'd like to see ones along the lines of the beer stein, the beers 'cheers'-ing (sorry), the film camera etc.

Awesome, thanks for the feedback and glad you like them.

We'll see what everyone else wants as well and then do our best to get the most popular requests added in!

I find the variety of emojis to be very limited. I see a bunch of rock-shaped images with smiles, more smiles, sad, happy, hearts. You have them in blue, then in yellow. Woo. then you have some others. My favorite is the monkey, but not sure how I'd use it. Then you seem to have a yellow rock with a square in front of it, and a tuna can on its head (next to monkey). I'm not sure.

Not very creative. Not very useful for the types of videos I do. how about some of the standard and popular emojis people use or a nice variation of them. I found some here, it's a start, but still not quite sure I could use them. See  popular emojis and top most used emojis. If the point is just to put them in your white board video just for fun, then ok. But I'd like to make use of them in my product videos.

Some normal emojis you find on Facebook or iOS, or anyplace, really, would be great!

By the way Sophia, Sparkol (who make VS) are a British company, and as a fellow Brit I can tell you they have indeed got the most popular and most used emoji's (for us) included.

Hi Sophia, thanks for your feedback and sharing the links. We took some of most popular emojis used on Twitter. The reason being Twitter users use emojis as their post have text limitations, so visual imagery is key in their communications. We also wanted to provide more than faces so we have three different categories (faces, hands, others). The styling is based on the Android emoji's you have shared in your link. 

We started this image pack with a limited number with the view of getting suggestions from the community for ones they would like to see. This way, we can be assured that the image pack going forward are really what you guys want.

We would love for you to be able to use the emoji pack and if there are specific emojis out there that you will find a use for, please let us know by listing them.

Best wishes,


I'm use this application for my phone

All of a sudden whenever I hit the "e" on my keyboard it pulls up the emoji window without holding the FN button. How do I undo this?

I would recommend checking your keyboard settings on your computer- sounds like a shortcut/ hot key is enabled 

Sadly not working. I went to system preferences and turned off the function button and it still just pulls up the emoji button every time I try to type

VideoScribe doesn't have an emoji menu built into the app so it's going to be a computer setting.

Have you contacted Apple to query with them about other options? I'd try contacting them to see if they have any recommendations. 

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