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Open file

I saved "version 1" of my work under a folder called version1 inside base folder

and then I saved file "version 2" inside another folder called "version 2" inside base folder.

now, I cannot open version 1 or version 2 because I'm in base folder and there is no way for me to go to a folder under base folder.

base folder/version1/version1.whatever

base folder/version2/version2.whatever

all i can see is + and - sign to create another folder.

please take a screenshot of the whole projects screen and attach it to your next reply.

-Mike (videoscribe user)




I think customer support is going to have to help you with this issue. It looks like The only new folder you currently have in the base folder is the one named khkhkh.

I did some testing and I found the "new folder" creation system to be a unpredictable, or at least it did not do what I wanted/expected it to do in some cases.

Here are some tips (tested by using one scribe project in a new folder):
1) when opening a scribe, using the "open" menu, if you use the plus and minus icons to select a different folder or add a new folder, your scribe will be moved to the chosen folder (base folder, subfolder, etc). Any empty folders will be deleted.

2) while saving a scribe, using the "save" menu, if you try to create a new folder, videoscribe will move your scribe to the new folder. Any empty folder will be deleted.

3) Any other cases that result in a folder containing no scribes will probably cause the folder to be deleted.

4) changing folders or craeting new ones seems to cause the scribe to be moved instead of saving a new copy of the scribe and leaving the old one where it was.


I hope that helps,

-Mike (videoscribe user)

It does not move it cause if it did I could still see my file but my old files are not here So either it deletes it or hide it. Are you or customer support is going to fix this or I have to start making this from scratch???


Could you let me know the name of the scribe that has gone missing please and I will try to see if I can figure out what has happened to it?

I don't see how it's related but robofootball/version 2

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