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Playing scribes back to back

How do I arrange my scribes to play like a continuous video? Also, how do I save it as an MP4?


If by "scribe" you mean one image or group of images.. you add those images, you set the camera position for those images then you move the camera to a blank part of the canvas and add more images.. and repeat the process until you are finished. Click INSTANT ANSWERS at the top of this page and look for the tutorial videos for more detailed instructions.

However, the word scribe is usually used to mean:
1)  a complete project including multiple groups of images, text, or other elements, along with any audio files, multiple camera settings, and any other effects that you have used.
2) the idea that will eventually be turned into a finished project as described in definition 1
3) the video file that has been rendered using the project as described in definition 1

if you want to make multiple videos and play them consecutively, publish them to youtube and make a public playlist that will auto play in order.

Pro users can publish their videos through and download them as MP4 files. I believe videos uploaded to youtube can be downloaded from your video manager page as MP4 files.

I hope that helps!
-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you for the response. I am a complete amateur at this so don't fully understand what you mean. I think I meant canvas instead of scribe. I have made multiple canvases instead of using one for my whole video which it sounds like I should have done.
ohhh . Yes that question comes up sometimes.

Basically, everything that you want to see in the same video should all be included together in one scribe project. The process goes something like this:

1) open videoscribe and log in
2) open a new blank scribe project
3) (if you are going to import a voiceover, it can be a good idea to add that first)
4) import an image, position it where you want it. with the image still selected, click the "set camera" icon in the lower right corner to save the camera position. (you don't HAVE to click the set camera" icon, but if you don't then videoscribe assigns a default camera position for each image.)
5) to move to a blank area of the canvas, click and drag on a completely empty area of the canvas. This should deselect all elements and move the canvas and all of the previously added elements.
6) repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have added all of your images/scenes/slides/whatever term you prefer.

 here are other threads about the subject:

I hope that makes it clearer.
-Mike (videoscribe user)


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