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Importing my own .svg files

OK, I have been having trouble doing this so let me explain so far, I'm collecting some clipart for use in a few VScribes. The clipart is either saved as a .png or a .jpg as I'm not able to save as an .svg

My goal here is to get an imported .svg file into VS that will draw as if its tracing, as you know if you drop ,pngs or ,jpgs you get the shading effect which is what I do not want.

What that mentioned I have tried the following methods importing documents into VS using Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

Open a saved clipart image as a .jpg or .png 

use export feature in AI

Import to VS - I get the correct image but VS will not draw it. Image just remains on canvas.

Can someone let me know the correct setting to import .svg so I can set VS to draw?


I've added a new reply at the end of this thread:  Making SVG Images Draw Well (2015 update)
dealing with image options.

short answer, if you are pretty ambitious, read the whole thread and learn the steps required to make working SVGs, otherwise find or buy SVGs that are made to work well in videoscribe. There is no easy automatic conversion method that works great.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

In a nutshell, VS draws strokes. You need to give the lines of your image a stroke for the pen in VS to follow. No strokes, no drawing. You can use Image Trace within AI to try and trace the image out, but it's pretty hit and miss. Use the various Image Trace settings (3 colour, High Fidelity Photo, etc) to try and find the best result for you. What I then normally do is instantly ungroup it all, delete any white that is bordering the image, then remove/merge the sections where the shading in the original image has caused a definitive line within the image.

I learned this from Mike Metcalf's epic post, it is probably the best resource for VS available.

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