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The letter å(Å) doesn't work on the Ipad app

Hi! I have read some threads about this problem and it supposed to be fixed early 2016 but it's still a problem on Ipad. Can you please update this on Ipad aswell! The Ipad app Videoscribe Anywhere that i have bought is useless if i can't use the the letter å(common swedish letter). I have several screenshot which will show you exact error message, ios version ipad language and language etc. I have attached 4 pictures.
I have exactly the same problem. Please add the letter Å to the iPad app. I am a teacher and I was planning to use this app in my classes but without å it makes no sense. Fixing this bug would be fantastic!

I've added this as a task for our development team and it will be considered for development in a future release of VideoScribe Anywhere.

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