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Showing a traffic light changing colors, possible or impossible?


In the Videoscribe I am currently working on, I would like to show a traffic light switching from red, to yellow, to green?  Is there a way to achieve this effect?  If so, how should it be done?  Thanks in advance for your help! 

1) The easiest way is probably to make 3 images the same size (one for each light color ) with a white background. then import all three without moving the camera in between imports, so they will all align perfectly.

Then set all of your timings the way you want them.

2) or you could make an animated gif.
3) or you could make one streetlight and use green yellow red and black circles to turn the lights off and on.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the prompt reply.  I'm not sure that I completely understand what you are suggesting in the 1st and 3rd options you gave.  What animation type, draw, move or morph would I use to achieve the desired effect?  Thanks again!

option 1:
a) import all three images (red, yellow, green) with the same location on the canvas and the same camera position
b) use either draw or move-in for the image one (red). whatever you want. set the animation time , transition time, and pause time however you want. for example draw 5 seconds, pause 2 seconds, transition 0 seconds.
c) for image 2(yellow) use a draw time of 0 seconds and a pause and transition time similar to image one
d) for image 3 (green) use a draw time of 0 seconds and  set your pause and transition however you want them.

option 3 is more complicated so there's probably no reason to go into a long explanation.

Hope that helps,
Mike (Videoscribe user)


That worked perfectly.  Thanks so very much for the clarification, Mike!  Have a great day.

Great! Thanks for posting your results!


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