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Too Labor Intensive

I'm new to VideoScribe, and I have a 2,300 word script that I'm copying from Word onto my canvas in text blocks of about 25 words each--then manually spacing each text block far enough apart---so that each 25-word block has its own "slide."  (Please see attached.)  This seems terribly time-consuming and messy, so I must be overlooking something.  Is there a way to import an entire script from Word into a VideoScribe canvas, then break it into discrete text blocks (each text block on its own slide) without a lot of manual work spacing it on the canvas?

Can you please help?



If you want to make an all- text scribe, that seems like the most straightforward way to do it.

Have you considered recording the text as a voiceover and using drawn images in your scribe?

you might be interested in some of these articles:




-Mike (videoscribe user)

Just one guy's opinion: watching the hand draw 2500 words (~12500 letters!) won't be very much fun. It might become excruciating to watch after the first few thousand letters!

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