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Raster Images

I can't draw so I rely on royal free images for my whiteboard projects. In most cases I use vector images which is great.

However, every once in a while a client wants me to use the images they send -- for example images of their product, family, etc. In most cases these images are raster images with complex backgrounds.

I know the basics of photoshop and can remove  simple backgrounds from raster images but in most cases the background is too complex to do a good job.  Vignette & framing are the only techniques I know that my help, but it is still boring.

My question is, does anyone use software that can make raster images more interesting? Or do you have a technique that you want to share? I look for software that easily adds effects to images but there are not many that are simple to use.

I avoid raster images as much as i can but at times I can't.

Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.


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