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Animating Text


i wanted to know how i can animate a text, like its wiggling in its position... Thanks

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That is not exactly a built-in feature of videoscribe.  Depending on what you mean by wiggle, there are a few ways you might do it in videoscribe.  If you mean a very brief little shake to draw attention to a word or phrase, you could:

1) make three copies of the text in slightly different positions, with .1 animate time, zero pause and zero transition and no hand, and insert a white shape in between them to cover each copy before the next copy appears

2) use morph ( but it would require the text to be hand drawn as stroked paths and saved as an SVG using a program like inkscape or illustrator. Then import 3 or more copies of the text SVG in slightly different positions and morph through them.

3) use an animated gif if you know how to find or make an animated gif wiggling the way you want.

4) edit the finished video using a program like aftereffects (requires knowledge of how to use aftereffects) 

If you mean more of a rippling water affect then you could:

1) use morph but it would be more complicated and require multiple carefully prepared images and i think there would always be a bit of a stutter in the video when using multiple morph targets

2) use an animated gif, but as before, this would require you to be able to find or make a gif that does what you want.

3) aftereffects as mentioned above. 

Videoscribe is designed to mimic traditional whiteboard drawings, so you might consider a more traditional whiteboard approach. Drawing wiggle lines around the text may be an option in some cases. Or you could draw a picture of something that wiggles such as jello or a hula dancer.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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