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Rights to use pictures.


I just bought your pro software and so far like it. Easy to use. I am making cooking videos on YouTube with other animation programs. Is your pictures royalty free? Or limitation to use? In some videos I want just make chef talk? What is impossible in this program.

Can I sell my videos with images from your software and use your images to decorate my website.Thank you! Gala 

link to app licence and user terms:

I'm pretty sure the terms state that if you have an active membership you are allowed to use or sell any projects (videos or still images) you make with videoscribe using their content. There are no additional royalty fees for the content that comes with your paid subscription.

It is your responsibility to know and abide by the licensing of any art or music or other content that you use that is not the property of videoscribe/sparkol.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you, Mike! Just need to be sure before start adding to my videos pictures from this software. I like this software so far! They have behind glass some options on hands (I just found today), I hope will fund something on Youtube about. Good to know all possibility of software :) Thank you so much again! Gala     

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