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Frozen Screen - lost work and can't create a new scribe on Free trial

Scribe froze and I lost my trial scribe. Log in doesn't allow me to create a new scribe, lost 2 days of my trial so far. Want to explore further but I can't see from my login page how to do this, not very intuitive.

A few other people have had this question, I believe. You might be trying to access videoscribe through this website, but it does not work that way.

Videoscribe is a program that is installed on your computer.
This website is a website that you view in a web browser.
(the program and the website are two separate things)

SOLUTION: You have to run the program and login to the program in order to make new scribes or edit your old ones. You cannot open scribes or create new scribes anywhere on this website.

When you run the program and login, it may ask you if you want to restore an autosaved version. If you click the tick mark ("check mark") some of your work may still be preserved.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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