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Hands aren't working right

all of sudden, some of my hands are all over the place - on previous scribes as well. See example attached. And, yes, it renders this way as well.

This happens when you edit a hand and then remove one of the two hands from the edit screen.




Unfortunately the original hand is removed from the folder it came from so you cannot recover the original. I have logged this a bug.

I actually wasn't clear on how this interface worked, so I did it to a few hands (thinking the second one was a "move in" hand. 

Is there any way to restore all the hands as a last resort? I see that once you use a hand, it pulls it out of the folder, rather than duplicating it.

You'll need to go into the AppData/Application Support folder on your computer. When doing the following, you must be very careful not to delete the wrong files or folder and it must be done with VideoScribe closed. The process will also delete any imported hands or hands from a previous version of VideoScribe that may have been removed in later versions.


  Open Finder

  Select Go

  Hold down the ‘alt’ key and click library (when pressing ‘alt’ you will see the library directory appear)

  Select Application Support

  Select VideoScribeDesktop from the list

The above process should take you to the following location:

\Macintosh HD\Users\[your username]\Library\Application Support\VideoScribeDesktop


 Go to start or in Windows 8 select the search icon

 Search for or open the Run application.

 Type in APPDATA and Press OK

 Select VideoScribeDesktop from the list

The above process should take you to the following location:


In the VideoScribeDesktop folder there is a folder named 'Local Store', open this and then open 'Documents'.

Inside the Documents folder look for a folder named 'Hands' and rename the folder to 'Hands.old' (safe option) or delete the folder (brave option). Also look for a file named customhands.xml (in the Documents folder) and rename it to customhandsOld.xml (or delete it).

When you start VideoScribe again the hands will be re-downloaded.

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