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Changing hands

When I try to change the default hand for a new scribe, it only gives me one choice - not two (fro move, for draw). So it doubles my choice. If I delete one and try to replace it, it opens a general dialog window, and I have no idea where the other hands are located.

A great feature would be to be able to go back to the select hand window to choose the second hand.

You can choose any hand for the default hand in the scribe and that hand will automatically be used for draw and move-in elements. If you have a hand with a pen then the pen hand will automatically be used for Move-ins. If you would like to use a different hand for move-ins you need to change the hand individually for each Move-in element from the element properties window Change%20properties%20icon.png.

I agree that it would be good to be able to select a different default hand for Draw and Move-in elements. I can see that you have added it to the Ideas and feature requests section so it will be considered for inclusion in a future release of VideoScribe.

If anyone reading this post likes the idea, please click the 'Do you like this idea?' link at the bottom of the original post and feel free to post your own comments and ideas.

At the very least, it would make sense to make the default "move in" hand use finger tips and not the palm.That hand isn't even accessible to adjust.

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