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Audio track issues

 I've created an mp3 audio track which imports fine, plays fine, then exports to video fine too.

Then - I re-open the .scribe and the mp3 file shows as being attached BUT

a) I go into the "add track" tab and the file won't play anymore

b) If I play the whole scribe, it won't play either.

I don't remember seeing this issue yesterday.

Is this a known issue? Seems too big a bug to have gone unnoticed.

I also noticed quite a few "server error" problems this morning - is it possible it's connected?

1) What videoscribe version number are you using?

2) Did the problem occur after renaming your scribe?

3) Did you try deleting the audio and re-importing it to resolve the symptom?

4) one user reported a similar problem and they had a bluetooth device nearby that was diverting audio from her speakers.

5) if there are problems in your scribe using extra resources, they can cause a wide variety of symptoms.

6) save your scribe to the cloud folder and tell customer support the name of it if you  want them to look at it (during business hours) or export it as a .scribe file and attach it here if you want help from users.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


1. 2.3.6-12
2. No, there was no renaming
3. Yes. The problem only occurs when I close VS and then re-open.
4. No bluetooth or anything like that. In other scribes using other audio, it's fine.
5. I have 32gb RAM!
6. Now this is the weird thing. I'm starting to think that maybe the mp3 file I'm attaching to the scribe is corrupted in some way. With it attached to the scribe, VS is not allowing me to export either the video to or the scribe to the cloud. When I delete the audio, both these options are available again.

So, I've saved the scribe without the music and that's "video-intro-with-music" and I've attached the mp3 file here (it's a royalty-free thing from youtube so no copyright issues)

When I first attach the mp3 file, it plays fine and exports fine (so it can't be THAT corrupted). When I close VS and re-open, I have silence.


1) might be a new bug with the new version, but we can try a few easier things before we consider reverting to an older version.
2) ok that eliminates 1 problem
3) ok good.
4) ok that's one less possible cause (too bad it wasn't that, since it's easy to remedy)
5) LUCKY! I'm limping around with 6GB. However, Videoscribe can only use about 1.7GB so you have to optimize images and settings similar to the way you would for a website: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)
6) Yeah that seems weird... and it's a small file too... 
I just resaved it in audacity . See if this new version (attached) gives you the same results, please.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


That works fine, even after closing VS and re-opening.

I was also using audacity, so no idea what happened, but the issue does seem connected more to the audio file itself.


the plot thickens. Today, I made the same scribe with an mp3 file downloaded directly from Youtube, I never edited it in audacity, just left it as it was.

Could hear audio inside VS no problems both from the audio track options and when I play the whole scribe through.
Saved scribe. Exported video to Then exported to AVI. AVI comes out silent. Upload AVI to Youtube - silent. Go to hear video on - audio is fine!! ( Now I'm guessing what is uploaded to isn't exactly the same file as is exported to AVI, no?

I'm going to dig around further, export in other formats and see if I can narrow it down a bit.


Hi Neil,

Thanks for get the update.

Please let us know the result of your video exports.

Can you please create a new ticket here (#26009 has been closed, any replies to this ticket will not be responded to).

Can you also save your scribe to the cloud (let us know he name) and attach the audio files that are causing problems?

We can then investigate further.

Im having a similar issue every time i try to add mp3 file it wont let me open the file or if i try to upload itunes song it crashes when i click on itunes?

Hello Ethan, it would be really useful to have a look at your scribe and the mp3 as well.

If you can raise a support ticket and attach the mp3 that would be great. If you then save your scribe online and include the name of that in the ticket we can download that as well and take a look.

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