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Matching timings to my script


I'm new to Videoscribe. I know you can change the timings of your animations in the timeline but I wondered how to match the overall timings to the voice over?  I have a set voice over script I want to match my animation to and I I start with the audio recording and overlay with the Videoscribe or do I do the Videoscribe then try to match the script to that?  I would imagine the latter is hard to do.  Any tips would be welcome.



I believe that the most effective way is probably,
1) write script to make sure it says everything you want it to say
2) record voiceover, using audacity or some other program,  to make sure it sounds natural and pleasing
3) optional: create your own images or acquire custom images, or write out a rough list of the images you want for each part of the script.
4) import audio
5) import images. set all timings to match the timing of your audio

Other users or customer support may have other suggestions.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Many thanks Mike!


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