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Create video doesn't report a locked file

I just created a video, waiting 40 minutes for the result, only to discover that the mov file it was trying to create was locked elsewhere. VideoScribe silently failed to write the new file, but took the full production time to do so. I would like to see an "Output file is locked - retry" message box, or something equivalent, like all other software packages I've known.  Either that or just fail immediately with an error message.

Hi Wayne,

When you say that the mov file it was trying to create was locked elsewhere, could you explain a bit further please? Do you mean that you selected a folder that VideoScribe did not have permission to write to, or something else?

The mov file was open in a video editor for final editing. VideoScribe said overwrite, I said go ... and it then took 40 minutes to fail without acknowledging it had failed.


If you would like us to take a look at the scribe for you, please save a copy to your online directory (cloud icon) and let us know the name.

I don't understand your response. There is no fault in the scribe.  Once I released the mov file (produced in an earlier build) from the other video editor, the new mov file built fine (after another 40 minutes).  The problem was in trying to do a mov build in VideoScribe while the mov file (of the same name) was locked by another program. VideoScribe should have stopped and reported "The file is locked by another application." or something similar, rather than wasting 40 minutes building but failing to save the result.


OK, thanks, I understand now. This will be logged as a feature request and considered for inclusion in a future release of VideoScribe.

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