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Save a multiple Scribe Faster in a harddrive

Hi I have ober 300 video scribe save in my computer, I am using a mac. Now is there a faster way to save the file without doing it one by one to export and save it? thanks!! 

do you want to save them as .scribe files?
do you want to make backup copies and it doesn't matter what kind?
do you want to render or publish videos?
do you want to copy your files to the cloud folder?
do you want to move your files to another computer?
do you mean something else?

I believe that if you just want to backup or transfer your files to a new computer, you can probably copy the whole videoscribedesktop folder. For a file transfer, you would want to have the same videoscribe version already installed on the new computer with no scribes saved, before you copy the folder to the new computer. I would not recommend deleting the original until you are sure everything is copied successfully. (you probably don't need to copy the WHOLE folder, but that would probably be simplest and I don't know which files are crucial.)

I think that all of the other options need to be done individually.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I mean like, back it up and save it as video scribe file and save it on a external hard drive.. I can do it one by one like save as export, then save it,.. I need to have it save in a few click instead of doing it one by one.. like ctrl A then save it.. Its hard to do 300 plus scribe to save it one by one..  

You can export a scribe as a .scribe file without opening the scribe on the canvas but it still needs to be done one by one.

To export a scribe, on the projects screen right click on the scribe you wish to export and select 'Export to file' from the menu.

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