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Unacceptable CPU & Freezing

Since the last couple updates, basic navigation and creation is causing me extended periods of lag.  Today I am just setting up a scribe, putting a single text description around the canvas at each place where art will be.  NO ART YET.  It's a few minutes, with 20 text elements, each of which are viewed right around 100% zoom.  With the CPU meter open, I see 0% usage.  If I put my cursor in the Videoscribe window and simply move around the canvas, or modify a text item, the CPU shoots up to the point that the Status column shows "Not Responding"  and I am unable to do anything for around 5 seconds, and then it lowers down and I can function again.  In 30 to 60 seconds, it repeats.  Didn't used to do this. 

Yoga 2 Pro / Win 8.1 64 / I7 @ 2.6 Ghz / 8GB Ram

If you are pretty sure the problem is the new version, then uninstall it and install an older version.

If the problem persists then you'll know there is another cause.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


any recommendation on a version?

If you were having no problems with the previous version you were using, then I'd recommend that one (if you still have the installer on your computer).

If you don't have any of the old installers,  click ACCOUNT at the top of this page and then click "see all versions" . The most recent previous version available for download is 2.2.5 I think.

That's the one I use, but it does not have or some other recent added features.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Well, if the Sparkol folks are interested, doing the same tasks with version 2.2.5 I see similar CPU climbs, but at no point does the program go into lag or "not responding" to Windows. 

Thanks, Mike.

Hi Peter,

Are you able to save a copy of the scribe you are experiencing this issue with to your online directory (cloud icon) and let us know the name so we can take a look?

Sorry I missed this Matthew.  ANY of my saved files cause this.  I just found it remarkable that it was occurring with only a small amount of text.  Regrettably I finished the file in question (Added graphics)


(If you have not saved a scribe online, you should still do that and tell customer support the name of it, because maybe you are doing something wrong that is easy to fix.)

-Mike (vieoscribe user)


I was making the point that any of my dozen or so files online exhibit the weirdness. 

oh good. I could not tell if you had saved anything online.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Peter,

There isn't anything in your online directory (cloud icon). I would guess that the crashing and freezing may be to do with some fonts that were imported before we made some changes to the font import system. If you delete your fonts from VideoScribe and re-import them does this help?

How to delete fonts from VideoScribe.

Deleting fonts can free up memory and help things to run more smoothly ('Basic' font cannot be deleted)

To delete the fonts first open a new scribe project

Click ‘Add text to the canvas’

Click ‘Change or import a new font’

In the ‘Available fonts’ window click the trash can icon next to the fonts highlighted in blue

Make sure that you re-import the same font again before loading a scribe that uses a font that has been deleted or the fonts on the scribe will be reverted to 'Basic' (if you save the scribe).

Import fonts

Always make sure you have permission to use a font, especially if you are using it for commercial purposes.

If you have downloaded a font, you will need to install it as a system font on your computer to use it in VideoScribe:


Find the font file on your computerIf the file is zipped, extract it. If not zipped or already extracted, right click on the font and select 'Install'.Once installed on your PC, your font should show up in the 'Available fonts' window


Find the font file on your computerIf the file is zipped, extract it. If not zipped or already extracted, double-click on the font then select 'Install font'.Once installed on your Mac, your font should show up in the 'Available fonts' window

To add the font into VideoScribe:

Select the 'Add text' (T icon) in the toolbarSelect ‘Available fonts’ (F icon)A window will appear to show you all the fonts that are available on your system. Click on a font to import it into VideoScribe.

VideoScribe will only import supported characters from any font into the program. A list of which characters are supported in VideoScribe can be found here.

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