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Can't save a project!

I know there's been several questions on here about not being able to save projects as .scribe files, but the answer to them always appears to be associated with audio issues.

However, as a newbie to this app VideoScribe looks like it's saving my file - one which I've added just an image to and coloured the background, but then when I reopen it/them and I'm faced with a blank white sheet. The page size is set at 100% when I create it and when I try to view the opened file....but nothing.

It seems so daft that I'm scared someone is gonna say "Click on view my project" or something as simple - but Until you do I'm wasting my time just recreating the scribe each time I need it!


Hard to say,
but it looks like you saved it to the cloud folder (online) and it did not finish saving. There could be many reasons for that, if you are on a public/school/work computer there may be restrictions or settings that interfere with saving online or transferring files or something else.

1) close and re-open videoscribe and login
2) make a new scribe with one image and a background color
3) save it in the default local folder, close it  and then try to open it
4)  if that works, also try to save a .scribe file either from the open project or by right-clicking the thumbnail of the project in the local default projects menu
5) then save a copy to the cloud folder
6) report your results

these steps may at least confirm that the problem seems limited to the cloud folder

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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