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Alternate cloud storage

Is it possible to modify Videoscribe to store files in different cloud? For example, many Federal agency users already have FedRAMP compliant cloud services that they are required to use.

If you are a Pro member, you can save your work as .scribe files and store them anywhere that you want.

This include your local hard drive, USB drives, external drives or any server to which you have access.

You may have to save it first to your local drive and then move or copy it to external locations. (I'm not sure if you can save directly to mapped drives or non-local drives.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Mike, thanks for the reply. What I'm trying to determine is if the "save to cloud" button in the Videscribe can be reconfigured to point to an agency managed storage service such as Amazon S3.

It is not possible to store scribes saved to your online directory on any other storage service (we currently use Amazon S3).

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