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Batch Image Uploads

Gosh, this is a huge time sink for me and I'd love to have a fix.

When I need to upload images from my computer, frequently I'm needing to put in 10 or 12 small images per screen. They are icons, so it's pretty reasonable that I do that.

However, to do it, I must upload each image individually. There seems to be no way to upload a batch of images so I can do it once, let VideoScribe churn it for a bit and come back to creating. 

This is costing me, quite literally, HOURS of time each month; so much so that it's actually changing the choices I make in my video creating simply because I don't have the time to devote to uploading. It sucks to have to "work around" your ideas simply because of an upload issue.  

Unless I'm missing how to do this... which would be awesome since I'm sitting here uploading 20 icons and doing very little else at the moment.

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