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Removing objects on the board

Hope I'm explaining this right, I want to create a list.  But I want to add one subject line, pause and then have it "erased" from the board for the next subject line to appear.  I don't want to move the paper.  Can this be done?  If so how?

You can use a scribble out image which is just a blank white block and place it over the image you would like to disappear. If you search for 'scribble' in the image library you will see 2 blank images - these are the scribbles.

I have attached a scribe to illustrate which you can import into VideoScribe.

How to import scribes with VideoScribe.

Import scribe files On the project screen, select the folder icon in the bottom right.

Select your scribe on your computer and click 'Open'. The scribe will open in VideoScribe

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