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Implementing animated Sine wave


Is there a way I can animate a sine wave or something like getting transmitted from an object.

For-example I want to animate the radiation emitted from a router !

thanks in advance !



you should link to a sample video if you want to know whether you could duplicate it in videoscribe

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hello Mike, 

How can I link a sample video?Sorry i didn't get this?What you are saying is that we make a separate animated video and link it in a frame's specific area?

What I want is exactly this that the animation keep on going on some portion of the frame while drawing continues on another portion.Its kind of thread implementation in Drawing.I am not saying that there should be two hands drawing parallely but some way to parallely shows the animation on some other part of the frame.

Is it possible?Is there a specific name for this?

Looking forward for the answer and the discussion.

Best Rgds,



I did not understand how you wanted the sine wave to be animated, based on your description. My suggestion was that you search the internet for an example of how you wanted it to look so that someone here could suggest a way to reproduce the effect, using the morph option for example.

Since you want the animation to keep repeating while other things are drawn, it becomes a different type of challenge. I believe that you can use an animated GIF to accomplish that.

A google image search may be able to help you find gifs that are free for public use. If you wish to make one yourself, a google search will help you find tutorials for making animated gifs using inkscape (which is free at  or illustrator. Or you can probably hire someone through animole, or some other website to make one.

here are some examples I found, however I do not know anything about their usage rights or limitations:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Mike, 

Thanks for the examples .Yes that's what i wanted  to know form the users/admins here if it is possible to add/morph such GIFs in the video-scribe video?



Yes, it is possible to import animated GIFs into VideoScribe. There are a few considerations that you should be aware of regarding how the GIF should be created, details of which can be found here: Using animated GIFs and here 4 free tools to create animated GIFs.

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