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Music not playing or previewing

I've already added a voiceover (imported) and now I'm trying to add music from the Videoscribe library. I cannot hear either the preview music or the music after I've selected it. However, the voiceover is still playing.

Yes, I've clicked on the music title and clicked the check mark to add it. The Videoscribe icon does the circle for a while, and the music note icon lights up afterwards as if the music has been added.

I checked a different scribe I did about 2 weeks ago where the music and voiceovers worked perfectly. I can still hear the music and voiceover, but I cannot hear the previews in the music window there either.

1) try closing and reopening videoscribe.

2) check the volume on the music selection menu

3) also another member mentioned a couple of weeks ago that she had a bluetooth device enabled and the music was being redirected to that device. I don't remember the specific details, but it might be worth investigating.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for the reply, but no luck.

-checked for Bluetooth devices and there is nothing

-volume is turned up all the way

-closed and reopened videoscribe

I tried adding music again (even though I still can't preview any music, I just picked a song to see if it worked), same thing with the videoscribe icon doing circles and the music selection icon indicates there is music, but when I preview the video there is none. However, I can still hear my voiceover.

It's also worth noting that my music selection is not saving when I save and close and then reopen the same scribe.

customer support may have other suggestions.

I'd probably try to open a new blank scribe and add just one image and then test the music again.

(to determine if the problem is with EVERY scribe or something specific to your other scribe.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Stephanie,

Please save a copy of the scribe to your online directory (cloud icon), let us know the name and we can take a look for you. 

Please also let us know which of the music tracks you are adding to the scribe. Have you tried different ones?

Sparkol Support

Hi Matthew,

I am experiencing the same issue. 

Some tracks preview, others do not.

Regardless of whether we select a previewable track, or non-previewable track, None play.

This is the case both when there is a voiceover added, and when there is not a voiceover added.

Can you please help?

Thank you,

In case you missed Matthew's post above, read it and try that. You may want to raise a ticket for fastest response.

I have faced the same issue.

After debugging, it was found that my connection was blocking the Amazon services. After unblocking, all soundtrack previews working fine for me.

So it is very much possible that restrictions in the internet connection will not allow you to play certain or all the audio. It depends on where the audio file is loading in VideoScribe.

In my previous company, it was not possible to play/download the media track.




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