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How do you use this??

Ummm . . . the intro video is cute but . . . 

is really lacking in helping someone who doesn't know the product learn how to use it. 

I like the idea but can't figure it out. 

Can anyone help?

Hi Tricia,

Please let us know exactly what part of using Tawe you are unsure about and we will be happy to help.

I've managed to add one image to the clipboard . . . but that's it. I don't see any type of navigation tools to help build the video. I say an elaborate video made with Tawe, but I cannot see the way to get there from here. 

The initial video do not explain how to add and organize images.

It is only possible to add a single image to Tawe. You would import an image, of a instructional diagram for example, and zoom into different parts of the diagram to explain different points.

Ok thanks . . . not the type of product I thought it was. 

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