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Sparkol vs GoAnimate

Hi All,

This is a pre sales question.  I am looking for a solid tool to help us develop a series of marketing and explainer videos and I think we have it narrowed down to 2 products, Sparkol and GoAnimate.  We are looking to create videos that are similar to the following:

Is Sparkol reasonably capable for this purpose?

Your help will help me make a smarter choice.

Thank You

The video has a lot of movement, where elements are animated at the same time and the camera is also moving. It would be possible to create a video similar to this one in VideoScribe but you would not be able to easily recreate all of the simultaneous movements and animation. It is possible to import animated GIFs into VideoScribe which allows you to have a degree of simultaneous animation. You can move objects in from any side of the screen and morph images from one to another.

I would recommend using the 7 day free trial to see what VideoScribe can do.

This video was created using VideoScribe and Adobe After Effects:

A tutorial of how it was made can be found here:

Thank you for the feedback.  I suspected as much but will give it a try and see what we can produce.

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