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please help i am using this for the first time and i dont know how to go to the next page!


Thank you

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there is only one page (canvas) and it is huuuuge. just click and drag somewhere on the canvas to move to an empty part of it then add more images.

also, you may want to watch the video tutorials on the INSTANT ANSWERS page.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


If I want to move horizontally, to add a new image, how do I do that accurately in VS? I see the navigation arrows (bottom/left), but they are very slow. I can "click-n-drag", but I cannot constrain it to a horizontal or vertical move. What is the answer?

@NikkiWood our Setting the camera to create scenes help page will show you how to do this

@Ray Graighead If you want it to be exact you would use the navigation buttons but it's a whiteboard and how many people can write straight on a whiteboard, a little offset just makes it more realistic 

@BarryRadford Why should a program limit its usefulness in such a way? Maybe I'm an architect and want to show a precise drafting sequence using VScribe. A program that MAKES me use it for exactly what is was designed for seems pretty limiting. Now, if you could provide an option key to magnify the movement of the navigation buttons that would work. "SHIFT" is the industry-standard constraint modifier. I don't think it is unreasonable to expect the same in VScribe.

Hi Ray,

You can move a selected element (or group of selected elements) on the canvas using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Holding shift will speed up the movement. Zooming in will help to move the element more precisely and zooming out will help to move it more quickly.

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