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Adding a wait for keystroke

New to VideoScribe and searching for a way to insert a pause that waits for a keystroke.  I apologize if i missed this in the help already provided

I believe that videoscribe can't do that because videoscribe outputs video files, and video files (WMV, AVI, MOV...) are not capable of containing a pause that waits for a keystroke. that type of functionality has to be added on using a custom video player, website coding or file formats such as flash files.

videoscribe is able to export a single video directly into a powerpoint file BUT it will simply be ONE video embedded in a powerpoint file with no automatic pauses in the video.

1)  if you have a pro membership and if you own powerpoint, you could make multiple videos  and manually import them into a powerpoint presentation as individual slides so you could pause between videos.

2) you can manually pause most video players by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard

3) you can probably find a youtube tutorial for adding a pause in the youtube player that waits for a keystroke

4) or you can google other methods of implementing pauses using third party software.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you, that was my guess, hoped navie format. 1) will try the multiple video option in power point, I do have pro membership 2) thought about the space bar, worried about over shooting where I need the pause Thanks again

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