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.Mov is not showing the video the way it was done

Hi! Need urgent help... have a deadline today already 1:30 PM here in USA

When I convert the scribe into a Movie (Quicktime. MOV) the video is not playing the same as I did in the scribe, I mean...  texts that are not showing...  setting the camera ion different positions than the one used in the scribe... 

I saved is at 720 HD then tried at 640 but still having the same problem... 

Any suggestions?

There is a bug with current versions (2.3.5, 2.3.6, maybe others)  of videoscribe which may cause images to appear in the wrong place in your rendered video if you have used a zero second animation time.

1)  Using an animation time greater than zero may resolve it.  (.1 seconds for example)
2) Using DRAW instead of Move -in may resolve it in some versions of videoscribe (2.3.5 I think)

3) The problem does not occur in older versions such as 2.2.5 I believe. (I don't know if the older versions will still open newer scribes)


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-Mike (videoscribe user)

There are 2 possible causes of rendered videos being different from the preview in VideoScribe.

1. When you have an element set to Move-in that has a zero second animate time it can appear in the wrong place or not appear at all on the rendered video. A version of VideoScribe has just been released (Sep 05 2016) where this issue has been fixed.

Please install the latest version of VideoScribe using the following links.

Download and install VideoScribe – Mac

Download and install VideoScribe – PC

2. If a text element with a 0 second Animate time is followed by another element (image or text) that has 0 second Animate time any pause and transition time are ignored for the first element on the rendered video. A workaround for now is to add 0.1 seconds to the Animate time and removing the hand of either element.

We are still working on a fix for this issue.

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