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Speed / precision / tool size -- comparing 3 animations

There is speed & accuracy inconsistency that differs from animation to animation. 

Animation 01:

3 short lines of text. Each revealed separately (traced exactly!)

- First line is dealt with so fast, it does not look like it is drawn at all.
Next two lines are given much more time. 
- When I next I use the "eraser", it takes an enormous amount of time and the eraser hand does not follow the path. It's almost painful to watch as it drags itself over the illustration, even though I have an eraser-moving  back and forth path it should be following. I tried to assign more or fewer seconds to the animation, but it does not increase precision.
- the tip of the pen-tool does not align with the path. It looks like it is being drawn NEXT to the path. 
The best-aligned pen is the one from the standard hand. A lot of the rest are a bit off. Enough to make it look fake.
>> It would be great to be able to realign the tools manually. It would make such a difference! 

Animation 02: (TEST)
It' a lot to draw, but it is really, really good!!! It looks almost perfect. The hand follows the given path without a problem.

Animation 03:
1. Straight lines are drawn really fast. Too fast. It looks very unnatural. 
>> I had to take some of the longer lines out of the animated sequence to soften the effect. 
2. I also had to take the hand and/or pen out of the animation, because I noticed that I cannot scale them and the proportions were not right in comparison with the background.
>> being able to adjust the drawing tools (hand & pens) would be fantastic. Not  sure what to do about the different speeds though. Seems to be an algorithm issue

The instagram one played briefly then took so long to buffer that i gave up waiting for it.

Some of the symptoms (text reveal speeds and straight lines drawing fast for example) that you noted are not inconsistencies, the drawing speeds are behaving in accordance with criteria that you can manage.

If you want to save the first and third projects as .scribe files and attach them I will make adjustments and attach the new versions  with notes.

-MIke (videoscribe user)


That would be awesome, Mike! 

FYI, yes, the scribe files are rather large. For the social media tests I do capture the animations with Screenflow and crop&trim them according to need. No need for high resolution and similar. Yet still, I get buffering issues – as you have noticed. The screen captures should not have anything to do with the scribe-file size. Only VideoScribe performance should  be affected by filesize ... So, this is puzzling me. 

Or am I missing an important point? 

I want to use VideoScribe for upcoming large educational projects, which is why I am testing around with existing projects & products at present. 

Any help in regard to the "inconsistencies" or workarounds would be awesome. 

The files are too large. 
I'm sending you a dropbox link via eMail (support) 



I'm not a member of support, but they be able to help you instead.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


oh... ;)

You are so active in here – I thought you were support! Gee... Sorry, MIke!

Well, I hope support sees it. They are probably wondering right now why I sent that dropbox link. ;)

And I was just commenting to my partner here – who is from the UK – how FANTASTIC the support is! :D

But I am curious, Mike, how would you go about levelling out the speed the shapes around the words (word search animation) is drawn? Maybe by adding more anchor points to the vector graphic? Because it is one svg. And I can only assign the duration of the whole animation to it. ...


Thanks :)

for support, you could click "YOUR TICKETS" at the top of this page and raise a new support ticket including the description of the problem and the dropbox link if you want to be sure the understand.

Yes, Probably more anchor points or longer handles on the anchor points on the long lines and fewer on the curves.
I'd need to see the SVG or the scribe to be sure

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Mike, I just have 4 anchor points in these red shapes that circle the words in the word searches. They are basically a rectangle without corners. So I have anchor points where the corners usually would have been, only that the handles are in one line. parallel to the long sides. 

I guess it's worth to test variations. It's weekend anyway and support will only be back on Monday.  

Have you found any way to optimize the alignment of the tooltips?  Most tooltips seem to be positioned slightly off and not on the paths. If you have very precise drawings, this is noticeable and annoying. I cannot see any way to correct this, though. 

Cannot find anything in the comments either, but then I might be looking for the wrong keywords. Any ninja-idea?

- Susanne

I attached the mp4 of that file in Instagram. It shows what I mean. The text and the path for the erasers is defined precisely and ... moslty ignored by the app. The standard hand has a better alignment, at least, but there was no eraser, so I had to switch it out. 

Oh that's a good question about the hand tool tips. Unfortunately I do not have a suggestion for that. I made a custom hand using photos of my own hand so I haven't used the sparkol-provided hands much.

Did you say that you are using a screen capture program to record the "preview" version in videoscribe instead of rendering the video . Preview quality is likely to contain all kinds of minor glitches that would not be present in a fully rendered video.

That's my best guess without seeing the SVGS and scribes.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike, I got a great solution for the hand tool tips from customer support.

You can adjust the writing point of a hand by clicking 'Edit this hand' in the hand preview window.
This option does not show up until you hover over the hand symbol, that is why I have missed it previously. 

It's a "handy" tool ;)

- Susanne

GREAT!  thanks for posting that.


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