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Rendered video does not match scribe

Made scribe and had to add modifications.  Got everything the way I need.  Now rendering to video there are 2 sections that do not match scribe.  I'm not talking about small things.  obvious items missing, appearing early or late.   I went as far as to write down all timings and elements that were acting differently and then recreate them. 

Similar weird behavior that absolutely doesn't match.

Using 2.3.6-12

Interesting, I replied to my original post several hours ago(and saw it listed already) but now it's gone. 

Anyway, yes, a similar deal. I had seen that original post searching around and it did get me in the right direction.  Presentation due for the enterprise, 80K plus, and I got lucky.  I set the draw time to .01 instead of 0 and everything worked fine.  However,my images and text items that were causing a problem were not moved in or morphed, they were drawn, so they might want to add that as a possible criteria of things that can foul up. 

Thanks for the reply.

There are two issues that could be causing this.

1. When you have an element set to Move-in that has a zero second animate time it can appear in the wrong place or not appear at all on the rendered video.

This has been fixed in the latest version of VideoScribe (2.3.6) which was released 5 Sep 2016.

Download and install VideoScribe – Mac

Download and install VideoScribe – PC

2. If a text element with a 0 second Animate time is followed by another element that has 0 second Animate time any pause and transition time are ignored for the first element on the rendered video. A workaround for now is to add 0.1 seconds to the Animate time and removing the hand of either element. We are still working on a fix for this one.

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